What is Spacefather.com and why was it formed? 

We are an interactive  website that provides resources to those seeking to achieve their goals in the entertainment world.  Spacefather.com was created to help map out careers.  We not only provide the valuable resources, but we offer mentoring and consulting through this exclusive network of entertainment professionals.

What do we mean by mentoring?

Live MicWe have countless partners/sponsors available to offer you their experience, resources unique to other online services. We’re eager to help you bypass the obstacles and head straight to your path of career success.

What makes us unique?

As you know, there are several websites catered to helping artists gain exposure, ranging from Reverbnation to Soundcloud.  And while these are great platforms, they are limited in what they can offer to each artist individually.  Spacefather.com not only offers mentorship, exposure, and endless legitimate career opportunities (depending upon your membership level) you can receive certain guarantees, that no other interactive artist website dares offer its members.

Some of those offerings include guaranteed radio airplay, podcast interviews, free competition entry fees with respected and famous industry judges; promotion for shows, and worldwide streaming of artist showcases.

Other higher level services include the following:

  • Production
  • Recording Services
  • Songwriting Consulting
  • Public Relations/Press
  • Entertainment Legal Services
  • A&R
  • Distribution
  • Label Deals
  • Management

Spacefather.com offers even more services available for every type of artist.

  • Actor reels
  • BIOs and EPKs
  • Zed Cards/Model Portfolios
  • Photography
  • Concerts
  • Fimmaking/Financing
  • Artist Websites
  • Gallery Openings
  • Screenings
  • Online Film Festival
  • Music Festvals
  • Runway Shows
  • Journalist/Blogger Exposure and Emlpoyment Opportunities
  • Event Planning